DATALOGIC Software key technologies

DATALOGIC is multi-functional software encompassing wide range e-commerce and business management solutions for small and medium enterprises. To achieve this goal it is necessary to use strong, effective and trustable technologies. It is modern, but business level software with common characteristics for successful business solutions.


Scalability is very important for growing companies. It is hard to mesure or compare different software and solutions before implementation. To ensure business solution scalability, need experience, well structured architecture and right technologies in right place. DATALOGIC software have strict struture of multitier system architecture. Different representation layers of data, business logic and user interface allows to decompose system load and to choose best configuration of hardware.


DATALOGIC software core modules are optimized and requires lees hardware resources and provides better performance. In case of using specially prepared DATALOGIC server based on Linux RedHat(CentOS) you can save up to 30% recourses more. You can increase companies results because system performance effects labour work efficiency and motivation - nobody wants to wait. Nevertheless it increasing business performance, reducing costs, but also helps to save environment and energy.


Database holds all data and have significant impact in business solution reliability. DATALOGIC software uses advanced database capabilities to achieve scalability and hight performnace. Most important business proceses of DATALOGIC are developed in database layer. This ensures full support of advanced database technologies, which you can exploit for your business growth.