What is DATALOGIC software?

DATALOGIC is multi-functional software encompassing E-commerce and ERP solutions for small and medium enterprises. DATALOGIC enables effective B2B and B2C process management from a single unified platform, accessible for business management from any location, with any device at any time. Full customization enables software adjustment to unique business processes that significantly increase company results.

FULL CUSTOMISATION, Business process improvement

Every business is different and one of the largest benefits of software applications comes through customisation to meet specific business needs. DATALOGIC is comprehensively adjustable to the requirements of your industry, company, and the changes in the market. DATALOGIC customization improves business processes, enhances productivity - DATALOGIC enables to fix obsolete or inefficient areas of your infrastructure and you will get a consolidated platform for B2B and e-commerce that enables innovation and generates value far into the future.

INTEGRATION with other Systems or Single platform

DATALOGIC removes the inconvenience of scattering between several systems by integrating them into single system. Most software development companies offer to remove the old system by adding a new one. If you already have a running host ERP system, DATALOGIC can incorporate with it. Integration will save costs and reduce critical time when switching from old systems to absolutely new ones. DATALOGIC is the best at providing integration and collaboration possibilities with other existing business systems in your company. 
DATALOGIC integration and colaboration schema

SCALABILITY: grows together with Your business and drives innovations

The company that never stops evolving is the winner. DATALOGIC system is based on modules and therefore it offers endless expansion possibilities. With DATALOGIC you can start from any function and evolve on your own schedule. DATALOGIC is software that grows together with your business: as your business expands, DATALOGIC keeps data and performance scalability, even more our modular architecture makes it possible to add any new function your business needs.

SECURITY: there is nothig more important

DATALOGIC is fully supported secure software. Smart Automatic Error Reporting System sends full technical information to support department about incidents. Your business critical data will be safe from theft and spying with Automatic IP Address Blocking tool. There is a possibility to make and restore data base copies. Users detail Authentication Log & System Auditing provides detailed information about when, from what IP, with what device and how long users worked with the system. Automatic System Checking tool, Code generators enables to keep system safe in daily developers work. 
Unlimited integration posibilities
  Single platform for online and offline
Access from anywhere   Scalable business platform
Full customisation
  Hight security level

DATALOGIC software products and solutions

DATALOGIC products and solutions